At Christ Church we offer ‘National Curriculum PLUS’. This means that our curriculum is grounded in the National Curriculum but goes beyond the requirements of this document. The intention is that our curriculum should reinforce long term memory and  aid retrieval. This frees up space in the working memory and allows children to process new information and skills effectively. 

Our curriculum is designed to be creative and innovative because we want to engage our learners, making the learning memorable through providing relevant, and where possible, first hand learning experiences. This will enhance the children’s experience and knowledge of the richness of our local community and the wider world.

Children are offered opportunities for deep thinking and are taught to be active, curious learners. They are not just told; they are encouraged to find out for themselves and given the tools to do so. This develops them spiritually as they reflect on and question the ‘bigger picture’ of life and become secure in the knowledge that some questions can be answered and some cannot. 

Opportunities for spiritual development, which include questioning and deep thinking, are provided across the curriculum. At Christ Church school we identify this as a continuing journey of discovery about yourself, others and the world around you. It is learning about and developing the strengths and talents you have inside yourself thus becoming secure in your identity as a unique and valued individual. It is developing a deeply held set of values that become so ingrained that you can act in line with those values in any situation.  It is recognising and accepting differences and beliefs in yourself and others. This is vital to equip the children to live in multicultural Croydon. 

Children are supported to identify what helps them to learn and as part of day to day learning they are also given a language of learning from the ‘Learning Powered Approach’ formerly known as ‘Building Learning Power’. 

Developing children’s understanding of Christian values is an integral part of children’s learning within our school day. It is our intention that children should know how love, courage, honesty, faith and forgiveness are lived out in their own lives and the lives of others.

Curriculum Map Overview (Autumn 2019)Curriculum Map Overview (Spring 2020)Curriculum Map Overview (Autumn 2020)
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